Sore throat relief, Mouth ulcers resolved, Boost immunity, give comfort at initial stage of cold and flu.  

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Flu Defense Solution includes:

Viruses and bacteria are unavoidable in urban life. When one’s immunity decreases even slightly, it is extremely susceptible to infections. Flu and mouth ulcer defense combo provides anti-inflammation to fight against viruses, soothe sore throat and prevent development of colds and flu right at the beginning.

  • Strong protection against flu and cold infection in a natural way
  • Relieve sore throat
  • Refresh your breath
  • Safe, no side effect, no dependence

Natural Antimicrobic Spray x 3 bottle  (30 ml)

Combines powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial herbal medicines, including fresh olive leaf extract, marigold flower, sage leaf and clove bud. Effectively relieves sore throat, respiratory infections, oral ulceration and reduce skin infection. Naturally flavoured with peppermint and lemon to help refreshing your breath, promote healthy oral hygiene and immunity.

PRO Immune x 2 box (20 tablets)
PRO Immune is a compound formula of traditional botanical essence. Echinacea, Astragals, Blackcurrant and Rosehip contain rich sources of essential anti-inflammatory vitamins and minerals. PRO Immune effectively relieves symptoms caused by inflammation at early stage of flu or cold infection, speeds up recovery from sickness, strengthens immune system and fights against bacteria and virus infection.

Power Formula Triple x 1 bottle (30 softgels)

Power formula triple is a small, easy-to-swallow soft-gel uses clinical proven perfect ratio EPA:DHA:GLA 9:3:1 for best absorption. It is an exclusive formula, one soft gel contains three times nutrition, with 85% Omega 3. It is manufactured in the highest standard: free from environmental contaminants, such as pesticides, anisidine, peroxide dioxin-like PCBs and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs). We are protecting the environment for fish sustainability: Our supplier is passionate about protecting the environment, particularly our oceans and seas and have been certified by an independent body as complying with the “Friend of the Sea” criteria for Products from Sustainable Fisheries.


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  • Susceptible to sore and dry throat, and low immunity in throat area
  • Susceptible to seasonal cold and flu
  • Those who suffer from mouth ulcers 
  • Those who have skin infection 
  • Those who need to speak for long time
  • Those who wants to use as breathe freshener






PRO Immune


Natural Antimicrobic Spray

Press on spraying nozzle 2-6 times towards oral cavity or affected area on skin, please shake well before use.

Power Formula Triple

Elders (above 60): 2 softgels daily
Adults (above 12): 1 to 2 softgels daily
Children (above 5): 1 softgels daily

Tips from our helath consultant:

  1. PRO Immune: Swallow with warm water, or suck until tablet completely dissolved for better result.  
  2. Natural Antimicrobic Spray: Use when necessary up to 6 times a day.

If symptoms continues, please consult medical consultants.


Store below 25 °C in a cool, dry place, and protect from sunlight. 


Suitable for children above 6 years old.

Place supplement out of children’s reach and sight

Please do not take more than recommended dosage.

For pregnant or breastfeeding women, or those taking prescription of allergic to ingredients, consults a physician before taking this product.

PRO Immune Detailed ingredients:

Echinacea: Plant known for its anti-inflammatory and antiviral against influenza (respiratory) viruses by producing interferon and inhibits certain enzymes to reduce the penetrating capacity of the active virus. Packed with polysaccharides, echinacoside, cichoric acid, ketoalkenes and alkylamides, as well as Beta-carotene, Vitamin C & E, calcium, and chromium all vital to the immune system.

Astragals: Adaptogenic herb with strong immune-support properties. Traditionally used to enhance and balance bodily functions. This super herb contains a wide array of beneficial elements, including more than 40 saponins, multiple flavonoids and trace minerals to boost an increase in antibodies, macrophages and lymphocytes production.

Blackcurrant: With anti-inflammatory activity acts to direct action on the adrenal cortex is therefore indicated for inflammatory conditions generally and locally, particularly on the respiratory system.

Rosehip: Highest grade out of the rosehip family. A special species that contains more healing properties and vitamin C than regular common rosehip. Used to boost immunity and help treat infections.

Vitamin C and Zinc: Help maintain and strengthen immune function while providing energy


Natural Antimicrobic Spray Detailed ingredients:

Marigold Flower (Calendula Officinalis): The dried flower petals of this particular species are believed as one of the most medicinal healing herbs with inflammation and antiseptic properties.

Sage: Contains a high level of rosmarinic acid which helps to relief the symptoms of common colds, flu and upper respiratory tract infection.

Olive Leaf: The pure and fresh olive leaf was extracted to preserve the highest potency of an active ingredient oleuropein which provides a powerful free radical scavenging capacity for immediate oral health.

Peppermint Oil: Help to calm cough and cold symptoms.

Clove Bud Oil: Contains eugenol which can reverse cellular oxidation to eliminate bad breath.


Power Formula Triple Detailed ingredients:

Omega-3: Omega-3 is one of the essential fatty acids that cannot be generated by our own biological process. Our Omega-3 is derived from anchovies, sardines and pilchards, such as tuna It is a crucial part for forming human cell membranes. 

-EPA: EPA is found in Omega-3. It is important for the function of our brain and nervous system.

-DHA: DHA is another essential fatty acid found in Omega-3. It is one of the basic components for production of our cells.
GLA : Our GLA is extracted from virgin unrefined Evening Primrose Oil. GLA is derived from Omega-6. Too much of Omega-6 itself will affect the body health. However, GLA, this precious component is required for solving inflammatory or allergic matters.

Flu Defense Solution

Flu Defense Solution

HK$ 1660.00
HK$ 1660.00
1660.0 HKD
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